Future of SEO in 2022

By Neeraj Kansal
january 4, 2022
Future of SEO in 2022

Most of you must agree with this statement that the first question that arises in everyone's mind is whether SEO has any future or not? Should I invest money & time in SEO in 2022? Most commonly these types of questions are asked by startups & from people for whom SEO is new. As the topic suggests, here we are going to discuss the future of SEO in 2022.

Let’s talk about one of the most important and interesting facts that you should know is, new Google updates for SEO in 2022 that will affect your business & website ranking in the future are:-

First Party Data Hub

Many businesses try to gather the data by using third party cookies. Google is now trying to eliminate the third party data hub and as per this google algorithm, every business company should have a first party data hub in 2022. First party data hub is defined as the data that you accumulate or get directly from your relevant user or audiences. This data has a high level of accuracy & relevancy that permits you to envision your future associate with confidence.

MUM (Multitask Unified Model)

It is one of the most advanced google updates that uses highly facilitated AI technology to answer current search demand. It mainly focuses on increasing online search proficiency. It helps users by answering complex and multiple queries.

E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trust)

If you want to create quality content that will rank on top in SERP in 2022, then you must assure that your content should follow the E.A.T rule. It is Google's Search Quality Rating Guidelines in which proving the trustworthiness of your content is a must whereas expertise & authority helps to enhance ranking factors.

Voice Search

It is necessary to optimize your website for voice search in 2022. The demand for voice search is increasing quickly because whether the person is educated or illiterate they find it very easy to search for something using their voice.

Mobile SEO

As we all know that, most of the people in today’s world use mobile devices for accessing the internet or any type of information and by analyzing this user behavior google has taken it as one of the most significant ranking factors, that’s why it is must for your website to be mobile friendly in future.

Google concentrates on only one thing, which is delivering users the best experience & if you want to rank 1st on SERP in 2022, then you must have to follow all the above given SEO updates. And if we talk about the future of SEO, it is long lasting and never ending, it’s only going to expand rapidly. Because as long as the internet users in this world will exist, till then SEO will be present that I already said is never going to end. We all are aware from the current scenario that day by day the number of internet users is increasing & to give their users a better experience Google is updating its algorithms every day. So, guys if you are planning to grow your business traffic, looking for a high number of relevant leads in 2022, then stay connected with us to create the best & great SEO-based website.

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